Clean up your pup in time for Croatia's first Dog Carnival

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Is your Alsatian still stodgy after feasting on Christmas leftovers? Has your beloved beagle rested by radiator, looking ruff, ever since the excess of New Year? Do you know a Dalmatian who is overweight, stubborn, lazy and ill-tempered? Well, now the Christmas howlidays are over and it's time to get your dog into shape for Pula's first dog carnival.

It's carnival season across Croatia, with events in Pula and Rijeka attracting humans from far and wide. This year, your canine companion is also catered for. So, kit your dog out in winter running wear, book an appointment at the hound hairdresser's or maybe consider sending them to a spa for some poodle pampering, because they'll need to be in peak condition in order to look pawfect at this competition.

Pula Dog Carnival takes place on Saturday 22 February at the city's Mars fields between midday and 4pm. There, you'll be able to see a parade of man's best friend, with all types of dogs transfurmed by fancy and funny hats and costumes.

Entrance to Pula Dog Carnival is free, although the event is a fundraising effort in support of the Fido Association, which, among other activities, helps look after abandoned cats (this particular detail is perhaps best not shared with your dog). A family-friendly event, there will be face painting for the kids and other fun activities, a raffle, refreshments and, of course, prizes for the best-dressed dogs. Winning entrants and their owners may even end up getting snapped by the local puparazzi.

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