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Cocktails, Croatian style
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Lara Rasin

In honour of the roaring (19)20s' first International Cocktail Day, we're bringing you three refreshing cocktail recipes - Croatian style. 


Hugo Sparkling wine cocktail in glasses with eco-friendly straws
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The recipe:

Six mint leaves


30ml elderflower cordial

10ml soda water

A dash of prosecco 

Lime to taste

Lightly mash a few mint leaves and place them in a large wine glass with ice. Pour in the elderflower cordial, then the soda water, then a dash of prosecco. Top it off with a bit of squeezed lime. Stir lightly and garnish with lime slices.

Pro tip: elderflower is currently in bloom and being sold (in syrup form) across Croatia's marketplaces.

Where to try it in Croatia: with dinner at Pod Zidom in Zagreb or lazing by the sea at Dubrovnik's Copacabana Beach.

Mediterranean Gin Tonic 

© Hvar22

The recipe: 

50ml gin (Hvar22)


One rosemary twig

One thyme twig

100ml tonic water

Pink peppercorns to taste

Lemon slices to taste

Pour the gin into a glass with ice. Add the rosemary and thyme, then the tonic water. Stir lightly. Sprinkle with the peppercorns and lemon slices to taste.

Pro tip: find fresh lemon, rosemary, and thyme at marketplaces across Croatia. Use local craft gin Hvar22 for authentic flavour.

Where to try it in Croatia: as you sway to DJ beats at Swanky Monkey Garden in Zagreb or at Three Monkeys bar in Rijeka.

Not Your Average Mojito 

Lemonade with lemon and lavander
© Olga Tarakanova

The recipe:

A pinch of lavender flowers

Ten mint leaves

Two tablespoons of brown sugar


20ml soda water

40ml white rum

Lemon to taste

Lightly mash the mint leaves and lavender flowers and place them in glass. Add a dash of lemon juice and the sugar. Add more ice, filling the glass just below the top. Pour the rum in and then the soda water. Stir and add a lemon wedge as decoration if wished.

Pro tip: head to a marketplace in Croatia for locally produced lavender, mint, and lemon.

Where to try it in Croatia: made by experts at Pizzeria Bokamorra in Split or Cocktail Bar Bolero on Brač island.

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