Dalmatian prosciutto (Dalmatinski pršut)
© Dalmatinski pršut

Croatia's best delicacies: Dalmatian prosciutto

Croatia's best delicacies are protected in Europe

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Croatia has some of its food products protected at both a national and European level, their status designated by their unique place of origin. Dalmatian prosciutto (Dalmatinski pršut) is just one of them.

Of all the distinct prosciutto produced in Croatia, that which is made in the most-southerly regions packs the biggest punch. There are no airs and graces of subtlety to this flavour fest; Dalmatian prosciutto, known locally as pršut, loudly announces its attendance before even arriving at your mouth.

Wood smoked and dried for a minimum of 12 months, Dalmatian prosciutto easily stands up to the no-nonsense, full-flavoured red wines grown in the same region. Proven to have been made in Dalmatia since at least Roman times, the dry and sunny climate assist in the long maturing period.

The meat's preservation comes strictly and solely from the initial salting and the subsequent smoking process. Tourism to the region over the last century has helped the fame of Dalmatian prosciutto spread internationally, as well it should.

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