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Croatia's best delicacies: Krk olive oil

Croatia's best delicacies are protected in Europe

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Marc Rowlands

Croatia has some of its food products protected at both a national and European level, their status designated by their unique place of origin. Krk olive oil (Krčko maslinovo ulje) is one of them.

The Kvarner island of Krk is the northernmost to produce olive oil. The slightly cooler temperatures here help to preserve all of the qualities and flavours of the oils which are found naturally in the unprocessed olives.

Extra care is taken to ensure temperatures remain low, even when the oil is being mechanically pressed and so anyone attempting to put this fragrant, bright green, extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan or, Heaven forbid, use it for deep fat frying, should be banished from the kitchen.

Salad dressings or a delicious condiment in which to dip homemade bread would be our recommendations for its use. It's so tasty, you might find yourself forgoing the cheese and pršut (prosciutto) on any platter and sticking with just the oil and bread.

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