Roll up! Tuna, Sushi and Wine festival comes to Zadar

Written by
Daryl Mersom

The fourth Tuna, Sushi and Wine festival (a tastier selection of nouns doesn't exist) will be held in Zadar from 2-11 February. A collaborative effort between the City of Zadar, Embassy of Japan in Croatia, and the Japanese-Croatian Exchange Association, the event fosters connections between the two countries in the historic city of Zadar.

Drawing on the city's impressive architecture, the 16th century Venetian Arsenal, a former port warehouse, will be the venue for the opening gala, and the city’s Archaeological Museum will host a series of origami workshops. There will be a programme of lectures, an irresistibly titled photo exhibition - ’Fantastic Tuna’, demonstrations of martial arts by the local sports clubs, and plenty of chances to eat fancy Japanese food at the Cedulin Palace. 

Lots of live cooking has been scheduled, including an appearance by Croatian chef David Skoko, plus a number of Japanese sushi experts showing us how sushi is made properly. In the evening there's a performance scheduled by Japanese jazz singer Minami Kayoko. 

Tickets and more information can be found on the official website

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