Scandi airline SAS reveals 80 flights a week to Split for summer 2018

Written by
Daryl Mersom

Scandi airline SAS has just released tonnes of new flight paths heading to Croatia for summer 2018. 

80 flights a week will ship tourists from the Nordic countries to Split, with a further 15 flights a week departing for Dubrovnik from places such as Oslo and Copenhagen. From March 29 flights will also leave Stockholm for Dubrovnik three times a week. Pula will become much better connected to the Nordic countries too. From June 22 there will be 21 flights a week leaving Bergen, Oslo, Gothenberg, Stockholm, Stavanger and Copenhagen. 

Primera Air will link Zagreb and Split to Reykjavik from May, and British Airways ups its number of flights a week from Gatwick to Dubrovnik to 12 for peak summer time. 

2018 looks set to be an even busier summer for the Dalmatian coast.

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