The team behind Croatia's first underwater winery are now making sunken beer

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Shuffling on a seabed somewhere near the island of Pag are 30 bottles of beer. Left to age underwater for 180 days, they're shielded from the sun in the cooling Adriatic Sea. It might seem like an extraordinarily length to go to stop your beer from going warm, but there's more to it than that. Coral Wines specialise in submerged wines, and now the winery thinks they've found the perfect subaqueous conditions to age beers; 20m underwater.

Image: Coral Wines

Named after the legendary Nordic sea monster, the beer they've been experimenting with is called Kraken's Treasure Porter, made by local brewery Pivovara 8 from Zadar. They're calling this special submerged batch 'Kraken's Treasure Adriatic Sea Edition'. The brew is a 'baltic porter', made with five different types of barley malt and three types of hops. Aside from the supposed enhancements to flavour, the bottle gets a deep sea-makeover too, covered from top to bottom in sea-weed, barnacles and corals. 

Image: Pivovara 8

The beer made its maiden voyage a few hundred kilometres from the sea earlier this week in Zagreb's Craft Room. Following the 30 bottle trial, Coral Wines are planning to sink at least 500 hundred more Krakens by the end of the year.

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