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Great things to do in Croatia this week

The best music, art, sports events and much more happening this week

By Marc Rowlands

Welcome to our guide to the best events happening across Croatia this week. With music concerts, club nights, sports events, exhibitions, festivals and food and drink events, there are always many reasons to visit Croatia at any time of year.

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Great things to do in Croatia this week

Vera Fischer Crveno 1975
© Vera Fischer Crveno 1975

Collection for the future - MSU acquisitions

Things to do Exhibitions Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Zagreb

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art existing in its new building, the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art will showcase over 200 artworks collected through donations and buyouts. Among the inclusions are 'Fitting Abstraction', which in 2014 represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale of Architecture and 'City ǀ Data ǀ Future - Interactions in Hybrid Urban Environment'. The museum was founded in 1954 as the City Gallery of Contemporary Art and since then has been researching, collecting, documenting and presenting to the public works that represent styles and phenomena of contemporary art. Over the last decade, the museum has increased its holdings by over 3000 works, over 200 of which will be displayed here.

Franjo Kresnik
© Lokapatrioti Rijeka

With the Violin Beyond the Borders/Stradivari in Rijeka: Kresnik and Cremona

Music Classical and opera Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral, Rijeka

Classical musical connoisseurs will adore this commemoration of a truly remarkable man - Dr. Franjo Kresnik. Dubbed ‘the man who can read violins’, Kresnik was an intellectual whose passion was the crafting of violins, and who is widely credited with restoring the art of Cremona Liuteria (that’s ancient string-instrument making, to non-aficionados). In a program to mark the 150th anniversary of Kresnik’s birth, world-class musicians will perform on their Stradivari and Guarneri violins. Though he was born in Vienna, Kresnik spent much of his life traveling through Central Europe and Croatia, considering himself to be a man beyond borders. What better place to celebrate his life than the Port of Diversity? 

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From imagination to animation: six decades of Zagreb Film

Things to do Exhibitions Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Zagreb

Founded in 1953, Zagreb Film is a Croatian film company known throughout the former Yugoslavia for its animation work. They have produced hundreds of animated films, as well as documentaries, television commercials, educational films and feature films, their most famous characters being Professor Balthazar and Inspector Mask. This multimedia exhibition will showcase the studio's successful history and many of the authors and artists who have worked on its animation from 1956 until today. A selection of over 200 animated films, documentaries and live-action works makes up the sizeable exhibition.

Gabriele D'Annunzio
© Arhiva PPMPH

D'Annunzio's Martyr / D'Annuzijeva mučenica

Things to do Exhibitions Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral, Rijeka

On 12 September 1919, Italian commander Gabriele D’Annunzio swept into Rijeka and declared that it belonged to Italy. What followed was one of the city’s most turbulent periods, where D’Annunzio’s proto-Fascist regime saw Croats - or anyone resistant to Italian rule - persecuted. In paintings of the period, Rijeka is often depicted as a martyred woman; yet women’s stories of the time have largely been left untold. This original and insightful exhibition changes that, by exploring the female experience of D’Annunzio’s rule. We hear moving first-hand accounts from native Rijekan women, who saw their home occupied and transformed. But there are also stories from women that had supported D’Annunzio, and some that had even been his lovers. It all adds up to a complex and human picture of one of the darkest times in Rijeka’s past.

Davor Rostuhar: Croatia, full of colour
© Davor Rostuhar / Zagreb from above

Davor Rostuhar: Croatia, full of colour

Things to do Exhibitions Franjo Tuđman Airport, Zagreb

Just arrived in Zagreb by plane and wondering what all those wonderful pictures are hanging in the baggage claim area? Well, it's an exhibition entitled 'Croatia, full of colour' by well-travelled, Zagreb-based writer and photographer Davor Rostuhar. Welcome!


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