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Rijeka's seventh annual Impulse Festival

The annual festival of alternative music holds several concerts and events during the city's year as European Capital of Culture

Written by
Marc Rowlands

Rijeka, the Port of Diversity, is receiving its most high-profile year on the international stage, thanks to its status as European Capital of Culture 2020. One of the most desirable aspects of this status is the cultural legacy the year leaves in its wake. Now in its seventh year and organised by Rijeka's most passionate live music promoters, Distune, Impulse Festival is as valuable a cultural asset as any in the city and its guaranteed return in 2021 is assured. Taking place over a week, the festival sees lectures, DJ nights and live concerts occur across several of the city centre's bars and clubs, with a daytime record and music fair also attached. Making Rijeka a special place to visit this and every year, here are all of Impulse Festival's events for the 2020 occurrence.

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