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Where to go for New Year's Eve in Croatia

With large, outdoor celebrations taking place across the country, we highlight the best cities with free concerts and outdoor parties

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Time Out contributors

New Year's Eve in Croatia is one of the country's biggest nights for partying. With ever-popular Advent celebrations taking place across the country, the streets are full with with people, drawn outside by the tangible community spirit, omnipresent music and entertainment and delicious seasonal food. It looks like this year will be Croatia's warmest late-December in memory but, whatever the temperatures, nothing stops the outdoor partying on New Year's Eve. Organised firework displays will take place above the skies of every town and city, but expect these to be supplemented by those of enthusiastic revellers. Grab yourself a high vantage point just before midnight to watch the spectacle wherever you are - it really is a sight to see! All of Croatia's top rock and pop stars are booked to play free concerts on the night and below you can find details of most of the biggest town and city celebrations where some of them will be appearing.

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