The top Israeli art exhibitions to catch this winter

From petable art to mommy issues...
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By Time Out Israel Writers |

There’s an epidemic taking over Israel this winter. It started in Tel Aviv, slowly washed over Jerusalem and has even spread to Haifa. The symptoms are serious: elevated ‘art’ rate, severe risk of paper cuts, occasional chills or goosebumps, and most dire of all: culture shock. Many have caught the gallery goer’s bug making its way around the Holy Land this month, feeling drawn to the impressively diverse array of new exhibitions popping up all over Israeli art galleries and museums in Israel. Specialists suggest the best medecine is exposure, so it's best to slowly build an immunity by visiting these top exhibitions one-by-one. Good luck!

The "Art Addicts Anonymous" eight-step program

Records from the 1950's
Artist Unknown
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Forbidden Music

Have you ever believed in something so strongly that you'd go to prison or even risk your life for it?

by Vincent Gurio
News, Art

Dangerous Art

What do famed Tel Aviv street artist Dede, an Israeli photojournalist, and Ai Wei Wei have in common?

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