The finest fish and seafood restaurants in Israel

Believe it or not, fish and seafood are a year-round luxury in Israel. Be shellfish and indulge at these restaurants

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When it comes to food, Israel is best known for three things: breakfast (hello shakshuka), street food (sabich and hummus haven) and bakeries (babka and rugelach galore). But things are rapidly changing. These days, you can find anything and everything on the Israeli foodie scene, and that includes copious amounts of top-of-the-line Mediterranean cuisine, including fish and seafood. Whether you’re kosher or ready to dive head first into a pile of lobster, we’ve got the end-all be-all list of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Israel.

The best fish and seafood restaurants in Israel


Savida Seafood Bar

Savida Seafood Bar is a unique spot, with all of the fish served caught locally, promising only the freshest of seafood. The menu changes daily, in order to include whatever is brought in from one of the fishermen the restaurant works with. One of the principals of Savida is to develop a close relationship with the locals. All of its vegetables and other raw ingredients are purchased from the Akko market, keeping the menu local. Even the drink menu contains local alcohol, with Masada arak and wine from Ashkar Winery in Kfar Yasif. The fixed menu has sides such as roasted potatoes, ceviche, and a seasonal market salad, to compliment the catch of the day.



Located in downtown Jerusalem in the Ticho House, a place to immerse yourself in Jerusalem’s art and literary works, a kosher dairy and fish Italian restaurant called “Anna” immediately became one of the city’s most-beloved spots. Handmade pizzas and pastas, fresh fish and the best seasonal ingredients all come together for a memorable dinner. Anna is more than a restaurant, it is also an organization that helps disadvantaged students gain work experience in the kitchen and helps them get back on track.  

Jerusalem City Center


Chef Sharon Cohen’s Shila is always buzzing. Don’t let the white table cloths fool you into thinking this place is too fancy; the food is, but the vibe is eclectic, energetic and just what you need if you like an upbeat atmosphere with music flowing through your veins. It’s all about the fresh seafood served with a side of creativity.

Old North


Shishbarak with meatballs, kousa mahshi stuffed with lamb, cooked eggplant and tomato hummus with pine nuts on cardamom-spiced saffron yogurt, vegetarian maklouba, organ kataief with plum sauce, fish knafe, and an unforgettable semolina dessert with crème fraiche and pistachio. These are only some of the dishes that make Maiar a must-visit on your next trip to Tel Aviv. Follow the trail of aromas seeping out of every pore of Osama Dalal’s Arab kitchen and let your palates pop.

White City

206 Dagim

206 Dagim has been serving up seafood in Tel Aviv for over 20 years. The restaurant has a bold, contemporary look, giving it a trendy – in addition to tasty – atmosphere. 206 Dagim aims to serve the highest quality fish and seafood, while providing the best customer service possible. Vegetarian dishes are also available. The fine wine list only features Israeli wines, aiming to promote local wineries. A private room is available for group dinners and private events, with equipment available for lectures.  

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Milgo & Milbar

This hip and happening spot by brilliant young chefs, Or Michaeli and Moti Titman has been receiving rave reviews for its attention to detail, abundant seafood dishes and the unique creativity in every dish. Their modern Israeli kitchen incorporates a unique interpretation of international cuisines, focusing on the highest quality local ingredients around. Located on Rothschild Blvd, Milgo & Milbar is the perfect spot for dinner and a stroll.

White City

Uri Buri

Calling all seafood lovers: while visiting Akko, a trip to Uri Buri is an absolute must. This iconic Akko institution has a minimalist decor and a laser focus on fish and flavor. Every item on the menu is fresh, seasonal and guaranteed to make your tastebuds dance, from the scrumptious seafood soup to the sashimi salmon with wasabi sorbet. But the restaurant’s true secret ingredient is Uri Jermias, the award-winning head chef who’s often found serving the dishes himself. For the utmost experience, order the Uri Buri tasting menu, a culinary trip through the most creative fresh dishes that Uri Buri offers.



There’s much to love about Satya, but it can be summed up in a combination of fresh seasonal ingredients and the attention to detail in each dish. Opened by Ilan Garussi, former head chef and owner of popular restaurant Chakra, this hotspot serves up Mediterranean food inspired from all over with a focus on fresh seafood along with specials like the hand-made pappardelle pasta with tomato butter, the colorful seafood risotto and 8-hour slow-cooked Japanese barbecue short ribs.

Mishkanot Sha'ananim
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