Compass for Surveyors

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Compass for Surveyors
Boston Harbor, Sunset, 1850-1855 by Fitz Henry Lane is one of several pieces of American photography and painting on view at LACMA this year.

Whether you're looking to try a hand-held pie at C + M or take a Facebook pic of yourself holding up Levitated Mass, there's always a good reason to head to LACMA. Here's another: On view all this year, Compass for Surveyors: Nineteenth-Century American Landscapes from LACMA's Painting and Photography Collections, features the entire collection of the museum's 19th-century American landscape paintings from its permanent collection, save for five pieces that are traveling Korea, and represents the first re-hang of the American collection since 2007. Artists on view include Fitz Henry Lane, Winslow Homer, Emmanuel Gottlieb Leutze, George Innes and Thomas Hill, all of whom capture the evolving American landscape as seen from both coasts during a time uncertain location and identity.

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