Constructed Visions: New Media from Korea

Art, Digital & interactive
Constructed Visions: New Media
Photograph: Courtesy the artist Atta Kim, "ON-AIR Project 160-13," from the Series "India," 2007

Expand your ideas about Asian art at this exhibition of four contemporary Korean artists' work with digital media. Using video and photography, Atta Kim, Minkyung Lee, Junebum Park and Myoung Ho Lee present their environmentsboth rural and urbanin a new and thought-provoking light. In Kim's work, busy cities turn to ghost towns with the help of extended exposure times. Junebum Park captures video of seemingly mundane moments of city life but inserts a super-human-sized figure for a pointed omniscience. The show is part of the Pacific Asia Museum's yearlong series devoted to exposing audiences to contemporary perspectives on Asian visual art.

By: Gillian Glover