Edward Burtynsky: Selections from a private collection

Nickel Tailings #36, Sudbury, Ontario, 1996
Photograph © Edward Burtynsky, Courtesy Nicholas Metivier, Toronto / Howard Greenberg & Bryce Wolkowitz, New York Nickel Tailings #36, Sudbury, Ontario, 1996

Renowned Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky documents the extraordinary landscapes created as a result of human industry: mining, quarrying, rail cutting, ship breaking, mass recycling, and oil refining. His large-scale photographs are sobering and beautiful all at once. The exhibition at Fahey/Klein is culled from a private collection and zeroes in on the destruction caused by the Three Gorges Dam project, a hydroelectric engineering project meant to control the Yanghtzee River in order to generate power for China’s booming population.