Jackson Pollock: "Mural"

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Jackson Pollock's "Mural" (cropped)
Photograph: Courtesy The J. Paul Getty Trust Jackson Pollock's "Mural" (cropped)

Artists and art lovers can look forward to another big-name exhibition come March. The Getty Center will be showing Jackson Pollock’s iconic painting, "Mural," along with a detailed exploration of its creation, history and much more. The exhibition occupies two galleries: one for the painting itself, and the other for a behind-the-scenes look at its conservation at the Getty. "Mural" is a work that marks a transition period in Pollock’s career as he shifted towards the abstract impressionist style that would eventually become his trademark. Admission is free but the exhibition will run for only three months before the painting is returned to its owner, the University of Iowa, so don’t let this slip under the radar.


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