James Turrell: A Retrospective

Art, Installation

Time Out says

Visionary artist and Pasadena native James Turrell started his career looking to transform light into the subject of art, rather than just a way to illuminate other things. The results have proven a unique perceptual experience for viewers that challenges the essence of how they see. In this retrospective of his workthe first in nearly 30 yearssee 50 of his pieces. Get lost in the collection of early light projections, holograms and immersive light installations, as well as a peek at his current project, the Roden Crater, to be set in Flagstaff. Capacity is limited; tickets are timed and small groups will be let in every fifteen minutes throughout the day to create an intimate artistic experience, as many pieces call for solitude and time to fully take in. The remarkable exhibition will be on view through next spring.





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