Jordan Wolfson: Raspberry Poser

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Raspberry Poser
Photo Courtesy REDCAT Raspberry Poser

Whether you're into CGI, animation, or a fan of digital video, check out Jordan Wolfson: Raspberry Poser at REDCAT. The exhibition is the first solo show of New York–based artist Wolfson and the third video in a trilogy of his animated works. While Marcel Duchamp re-appropriated objects found on the street, Wolfson finds images online and synthesizes them with animation to create digital video. Raspberry Poser touches upon—and undermines—the gravity of such themes as life, death and love with an assembly of found images, sampled music, commissioned animations and scenes filmed on location in Paris and New York that he subjects to formal strategies borrowed from the history of animated cartoons. Picture: imagery of silvery heart-filled condoms, mutating red blood cells and a rubbery anthropomorphic HIV virus juxtaposed with a pop soundrack and paintings by Caravaggio.

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