Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection

Lost Line
Courtesy LACMA. Static, 2009, by Steve McQueen. 35mm film transferred to HD video; continuous projection.

With nav systems making Thomas Guides look like ancient relics, our modern-day notions of mapping have completely been altered. Go see how different artists have interpreted different concepts and ways of mapping with Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection, on now at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA. The exhibit includes work from 39 artists: large-scale sculptures, paintings, film, photography and works on paper almost entirely from the museum’s permanent collection, tied together by the concept of topography and man's place on a global scale.

Examples include the West Coast debut of Steve McQueen's video installation Static (2009), which features the Statue of Liberty in distorted surroundings; Robert Smithson's Proposal for a Monument in Antarctica (1966); Harold Edgerton's Stonehenge from Airplane (1944); and Gabriel Orozco's Lost Line, a mid-1990s sculpture of an oily orb made from plasticine and cotton string from which the exhibit takes its name. All signs point to you finding Lost Line fascinating.

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