LOVE IS DEAD (...and you killed it) Tinder art exhibit

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LOVE IS DEAD (...and you killed it) Tinder art exhibit
Photograph: Courtesy LOVE IS DEAD (...and you killed it)

They say that great art can only stem from pain and heartbreak; and while that may be true, pain and heartbreak in the 21st century aren't quite the same as say, losing your second mistress to the clap. No indeed, heartache in the age of the Internet most often comes in the form of an online relationship gone awry—the product of a hopeless romantic, catfished into believing he's found his soul mate, only to discover that the anonymity of digital courtship can, and will, lead to catastrophe. These are the themes confronted in LOVE IS DEAD (...and you killed it), a free, one-night-only exhibition at Space Station Casting Studios in Hollywood (950 N Cahuenga Blvd). Featuring original artwork by the likes of actor Clark Duke, artists Joe Cool and Roselina Hung, among many others, the exhibit attempts to answer such questions as, "Is my obsession with Tinder eroding my capacity for human connection?" and "Is the feigned perfection afforded by one's OkCupid profile setting my expectations too high?" With your irony cap strapped on nice and snug, stroll from painting to sculpture, while drowning your sorrows in Van Leeuwen ice cream, an open bar and tunes by DJ Moenay. Grab a gaggle of friends (who you know in real life), and RSVP here.


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