Moby's Innocents

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Moby's Innocents
Photograph: Moby, Courtesy Innocents

Whether or not you were aware, the apocalypse of December 2012 changed the world. According to the mind and lens of photographer Moby, the imperceptible shifts that have lurked beneath society's top layer ever since the event are real, and best exposed on film. Moby's new exhbition, Innocents, reflects this fascination with underground extremes in the Hollywood Hills—a place entrenched with cults and obsessions with self-reinvention. With his large-scale, boldly colored photographs, all shot in LA, Moby captures groups and individuals, hautingly draped in a variety of white robes and masks. Spiritual, psychological and physical reinvention is immortalized in the extreme through this garish series, which appropriately launches here in LA from February 21 through March 30.

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By: Amanda Montell

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