"Revealed" by Sofitel Cocktail Party

Art, Photography
Marc Chagall
Photograph: Courtesy IZIS Marc Chagall

If you haven’t yet dipped your paintbrush in the vibrant Sofitel Hotel art scene, let this be that moment. Grab a cocktail alongside exhibition curator Olivier Widmaier Picasso (yes, as in Pablo Picasso) and author of Picasso Portrait Intime for the launch of “Revealed” by Sofitel, a striking modern photography exhibition. Gaze at over 30 prints, including images of Pierre Soulages pondering over a work in progress, Kees van Dongen painting a portrait of Brigitte Bardot, and Pablo Picasso beckoning a Dalmatian. The evening soiree will also dish out decadent bites from Chef Victor Boroda, inspired by the Cubism, Fauvism, and Surrealism movements reflected within the one-of-a-kind gallery. RSVP to johnny@pivotal-pr.com.

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