The Nicolas Cage Party

Photograph: Courtesy Nicolas Cage art show
Photograph: Courtesy Nicolas Cage art show

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It all started with a San Franciscan posting international Craigslist ads requesting original artwork of Nicolas Cage. It sounds ridiculous. But like the phenomena of Lil Bub and "What Does the Fox Say?" the Internet responded like a wrecking ball. The San Francisco exhibition of the submitted artwork went viral, and oddly, we get the intrigue—who wouldn't want to behold an oil painting of Cage's face on the body of a shark after mulling over a spray-painted portait of Cage with a pencil mustache? July 19, delight in the myriad of off-the-wall art at downtown LA's Syrup Loft, while bobbing to the tune of local live music acts. Interested in submitting your own artwork for the show? Email original paintings, drawings, sketches, photoshop pieces and sculptures (featuring the mug of Nic Cage, of course) to: NICOLASCAGELOSANGELES@GMAIL.COM



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