Urs Fischer

Art, Sculpture
Urs Fischer
Photograph: Stefan Altenburger Photography Zurich, Photo courtesy the artists Urs Fischer and various artists, Untitled, 2011–ongoing.

Imaginative Swiss artist Urs Fischer combines styles in the best of way: His melding of Pop, Surrealism and Dada influences along with decidedly contemporary techniques make the dreamlike landscape his work presents paradoxically attractive and repulsive at the same timean instant recipe for being memorable. In his diverse repertoire of sculptures and paintings, he juxtaposes the banal with a fairytale world that would make anyone start to question reality. Enter his world of bread houses, giant teddy bears and literally melting sculptures at this exhibit of his new and iconic worksthe first-ever comprehensive retrospective of his work to appear in the USspread across MOCA Grand Avenue (250 S Grand Ave) and the Geffen Contemporary.



By: Gillian Glover


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