Werner Herzog's Hearsay of the Soul

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Hearsay of the Soul
Photo courtesy of The Getty

Step into the enigmatic mind of filmmaker Werner Herzog, by fusing your consciousness with his five-channel video installation Hearsay of the Soul, on display at the Getty from July 23 until mid-January. The exhibition will juxtapose images from the distant past with a score of experimental music, featuring performances by the Dutch musician and composer Ernst Reijseger. Herzog says of the work, "like flashlights held in our uncertain hands, a frightened light that opens breaches into the recesses of a place that seems somewhat known to us: our selves. We morph with these images." I'm sure we can all hear Herzog's distinctive lilt reciting this now.

As a bonus, Herzog and Reijseger will make a dual cameo at the Getty on August 3 at 5pm to discuss their collaboration on Hearsay of the Soul, addressing the relationship between images and music. 


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