Wish You Were Here - An Official MOPLA Exhibition

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Wish You Were Here - An Official MOPLA Exhibition
Photograph: Synchrodogs, Photo courtesy MOPLA

Traverse the country in one night at this exhibitthe last MOPLA event before the month's closing nightat its pop-up gallery (725 S Los Angeles St). Work from more than 30 photographers from LA and beyond, including Bobby Doherty and Synchrodogs, will be displayed on a series of postcards depicting quirky images, from a "Congratulations" party sign to lit-up matches taped to a camera. Interact with what you see and help share contemporary photography with the world by purchasing a set of the cards, which you can write and mail right from the gallery, the old-fashioned way. The exhibition runs through April 30.



By: Gillian Glover

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