No Strangers

No Strangers
Courtesy Steve McCurry No Strangers exhibits the work of several photographers documenting the plight of indigenous people throughout the world.

If you think there are major cultural differences between the people of Brentwood versus the people of Silver Lake, you won't believe the differences between the Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal and the last rainforest nomads in Borneo. Check out No Strangers: Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World, a group photography exhibit focusing on the plight of indigenous people across the globe. Captured by such artists as Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Wade Davis, Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Steve McCurry, Randy Olson, Chris Rainier and Hamid Sarder, the images include such subjects as Ethiopian tribes performing bull-jumping as a form of tribal membership to the Lakotas of South Dakota using sweat lodges and participating in spiritual ceremonies. Diverse and unique, each culture is ultimately bonded by the fact that they are slowly becoming obsolete. Don't miss the documentary accompanying the exhibit with interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the photographers and indigenous people featured in the exhibit.

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