Craft for Crap (Budweiser)

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Beer Belly
Photograph: Molly Cranna Beer Belly

There were a lot of tear-jerking commercials shown during the Super Bowl, but for craft beer fans, Budweiser may have inspired the most emotion. No, there wasn't a puppy involved, just an in-your-face assertion that craft beer is for moustached hippies and macro beer is for real drinkers. Cue the outrage. In response, Beer Belly is bringing back it's Craft for Crap event, this time specifically aimed at bringing down Budweiser. On Saturday, everyone is encouraged to bring in a Bud of any kind and trade it for a craft beer. It'll cost you a measly $.01 (though only one craft beer per person is offered), you'll feel good about getting rid of the Bud hanging out in the back of your fridge, and, uh, there's quality brew involved. It's a win win.

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