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12 ridiculous things we overheard at FYF this weekend

FYF 2015, day 1
Photograph: Kate Wertheimer FYF 2015, day 1

The bands at FYF were great this year, but is it wrong that we loved listening to the crowd as much as the music? Waiting in line for the bathroom, making our way between stages, standing in some rare and coveted shade—we heard some crazy stuff all over the festival grounds. From hair color remorse to Kanye's special request, here are the 12 most ridiculous things we heard at FYF 2015.

From the crowd:

"Moon Juice is in VIP. Typical."

"How is it possible that I have green hair and look just like everyone else?"

"They should change the name of FYF to DTF."

“I'm just going to shove in my mouth whatever anyone offers me."

"Everything is slightly moist. This is just like kindergarten."

“What-fucking-ever, you eat what you want to eat and I’ll want to eat what I want to eat."

"I'm gonna tweet that Kanye was like a lion let out of his cage."

"Oh my god this is fucked up, this is fucked up. I don't want to be in here! There are no stalls!" - A girl in the men's bathroom

From the bands:

"You guys are like a germ; you just keep spreading." - Alvvays

"We're just two underground rappers who like mushrooms and weed a lot." - El-P from Run the Jewels

"John, I need [the lights] a little bit higher because I'm afraid I might jump and hit my head on this muthafucka." - Kanye

"I don't want these [sunglasses], it's like a barrier between me and you and I hate it." - Tennis


Did you hear anything crazy at the festival? Let us know in the comments below!