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14 signs that your barista is into you

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Obnoxious LA

With all the dating apps out there, people forget that they can still find love in real life. Love is all around—all you have to do is open your eyes. Sometimes the person you see every day, and would suspect least, is the person you will ultimately end up with. If you can find Jesus in the bottom of your mug, why can't you find love at the top of your latte art? Here are 14 signs that your barista is into you.

1. He makes a car out of foam art on your latte to symbolize how he'd cross the 405 for you.

2. The square reader is broken when it's your turn to pay so he doesn’t charge you, but then the reader magically fixes itself and the person after you has to pay for his $5 latte.

3. He never misspells your name, even if it's Raynnebeaux.

4. He never judges you for impulsively buying an Action Cookie, or for consuming carbs and gluten.

5. He puts agave nectar and soy in your lattes without you having to ask. He knows your body was not made on whole milk.

6. He notices if you've meditated that day because your chakras look more aligned.

7. He can tell by the frustrated look in your eyes that you probably just need the wifi password and he shouts from a distance, "Jeff Goldblum."

8. He compliments you every day—not just the days you come in camera ready.

9. When you’re stuck with writer’s block and look up from your screenplay, you catch him gazing at you.

10. When you ask him for good foodie recommendation he whispers "follow me" and then writes his Instagram handle on the palm of your hand.

11. He never throws away the flyers for your Fringe show, even though the shitty band flyers seem to disappear the very next day.

12. He's chosen to play Phillip Glass specifically on your behalf because you once mentioned you saw him at the Hollywood Bowl.

13. He loosens his tie and takes off his bowler hat when he sees you walk in because he knows that you know he looks like a douche.

14. He doesn't say anything when you bring in outside food to the cafe, despite the "warning" signs posted every five feet. Literally, every five feet.

Go find a latte and fall in love with a barista at these coffee shops.

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