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17 cutest Los Angeles Zoo animals, ranked


The Los Angeles Zoo may be small in stature, but it is plenty big in heart. Aside from a great selection of events, like Roaring Nights and the upcoming photo day, the LA Zoo is also home to more than a few cute critters. We searched far and wide for the most lovable, “aww" inspiring faces and found the best our city has to offer (including a special surprise). Get ready for an adorable overload, because these suckers are CUTE!

17. Wee Wallabies

16. Some photo-ready meerkats

15. This pumpkin lovin' black bear

14. A dreaming koala

13. The fluffiest Chacoan peccaries ever

12. Kissing Aldabra tortoises

11. Rosie the baby hippo

10. This sleepy jaguar

9. A hoppy gerenuk

8. These pronghorn and peacock BFFs

7. The wide-eyed giant river otters

6. This baby howler monkey

5.  The newest baby giraffe 


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4. An oh-so-fluffy gibbon

3. This half-baked echidna 

2. Johari the baby chimp

1. Slash

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