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3 quality one-bedroom apartments in LA for $1200 or less

Written by
Justin Cross

It's just about summer time, and just like your wardrobe, you need a change in your living space. Given LA isn't New York or San Francisco when it comes to renting, finding value can still be a challenge here. These three one-bedroom apartments, all in different neighborhoods around town, live up to those magic four words: bang for your buck

1. Culver City. (109 Summertime Lane) This place is chock full of amenities including a fireplace in the living room (because it can get chilly on the Westside), walking paths, a pool and a sauna (because again, it can get chilly on the Westside). Also, the ad says the condo is close to "lakes," or at least a rare body of water that isn't the Pacific Ocean. Price: $1195 

one bedroom fireplace

2. Koreatown. (W. 2nd Street & S. Harvard Blvd.) Let there be light! This Koreatown apartment is newly remodeled and is illuminated with lots of LA sunlight shining through it. The unit has AC, so when it heats up in August and September, you can still stay cooler than the up-and-coming neighborhood you'll be living in. Price: $1200

3. East Hollywood. (N. Serrano Ave. & La Mirada Ave.) It's not quite Silver Lake, but you're not far from it. You can still drink Pabst Blue Ribbon on your large (but shared) back porch. Oh, and the wood wrap-around kitchen counter is pretty sweet. Price: $1195

1 bedroom, kitchen


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