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30 things we wish Santa would bring LA for Christmas

Grove Christmas
Courtesy: Loren Javier

Dear Santa,

2015 has had its ups and downs, but you already knew that; you know everything—you're Santa! With Christmas fast approaching, we've had a lot on our minds. Here's what we want for Los Angeles this year. We hope you can find it in your jolly heart to kindly hook us up.

1. An Olympic bid

2. More neon signs

3. For Stumptown to start selling coffee IVs

4. For Hamilton to come to Los Angeles

5. For Hollywood to do fewer remakes and sequels

6. Safety and protection from El Niño

7. Actually, just the perfect amount of rain

8. A wider 110 Freeway

9. More Justin Bieber music

10. Less Justin Bieber speaking

11. More bottomless mimosa options

12. More bottomless Justin Bieber 

13. For magic fairies to arrive in the middle of the night and finish the Metro construction

14. Same goes for LAX

15. Spelling classes for Caltrans

16. For all of our friends to find love

17. For Waze to stop making us take so many left turns

18. For all restaurants to get on board with 24/7 breakfast

19. For In-n-Out to get over itself and start delivering, or allowing its food to be delivered by a third party

20. More bike lanes

21. Another Sqirl location 

22. Bullet trains to both San Francisco and Vegas

23. Cheaper rent and rent control

24. The legalization of marijuana 

Oh yeah, and just a few more things from our girl Amy Grant:

25. No more lives torn apart

26. That wars would never start

27. Time would heal all hearts

28. That everyone would have a friend

29. Right would always win

30. And love would never end

Hope we're not asking for too much! 


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