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5 infographics that will make you feel smarter about the California drought

Written by
Seth Kelley

The fact that California has suffered the driest years on record isn't a top news story every day, but it is a steady, dull pain—an arid headache in the back of Los Angeles' skull.

Earlier this year, Governor Jerry Brown issued mandatory restrictions, and there are hoards of smart people working on a solution. But from personal experience (friends, family, bitter enemies, the Internet), it's clear people still have questions. Some of those questions have simple answers, but many are much more difficult: what is the solution? What is our personal responsibility?

Let these graphics be your drought survival guide, allowing you to meditate on, and ultimately feel smarter about, water conservation.

1. This one specifically covers the California drought.

2. Learn how to reduce your water footprint.

 3. Test your water IQ.

Courtesy: While Living magazine

 4. Gain more of a general grasp on water conservation.

Courtesy: Seametrics

  5. Find out how much water your home is wasting.


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