5 private screening rooms you can book—even on an indie-film budget

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Brittany Martin

Living in LA, there may come a day when you need to rent a screening room. Perhaps it’s to show your 42-minute-long silent claymation opus about existential dread, which is sure to be considered by every awards-giving body in Hollywood, or maybe it's just to celebrate your best friend’s birthday with a private screening party featuring the movie you were obsessed with together as teens. Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of places around LA where you can rent out a personal movie theater and be in charge of the show.

This week, the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills debuted their new screening room. The Hollywood Reporter details the venue, which features 38 reclining chairs, 3D capability—and truffle popcorn, because, what else? With rental prices starting at $2,500, they’re pitching the space to the A-list studio types who already frequent the hotel for press junkets and corporate events.

Elsewhere in town, however, plenty of other options exist, including lower-cost locations for the budget-conscious auteur or would-be A-lister who still wants to stage their big screen moment. Prices vary depending on event specifics, but if you can budget a few hundred dollars, you’ve got enough cash to see your name in lights—but, of course, you can always splash out a bit more for a true red carpet experience.

The Studios at Paramount Screening Rooms 

Screening Room 7

Seats: 44 

Pricing: Available on request

Note: If you're looking to do an event at Paramount, there are five other theaters on its lot as well—yep, five.

Photograph: Courtesy Paramout Studios

Arena Cinema Hollywood 

Seats: 92

Pricing: Under $1,000 for a typical one-night screening

Photograph: Courtesy Arena Screen

Santa Monica Screening Room

Seats: 28

Pricing: Starting at $120 per hour

Photograph: Courtesy Santa Monica Screening

Ocean Screening Room 

Seats: 58

Pricing: Starting at $300 per hour

Photograph: Courtesy Ocean Screening Room

The London West Hollywood Screening Room

Seats: 110

Pricing: Available upon request

Photograph: Courtesy The London West Hollywood

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