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5 ways to spend Thanksgiving alone in Los Angeles

Thanksgiving For One
Courtesy: Susy Morris/Flickr

Happy families are all alike, but each lonely single is sad in his or her own unique way. That is why we're offering five different options for you in the event that you will be spending the holiday all by yourself.

1. Best Table for One: The Hungry Cat (Hollywood)

You’ll be glad you have no one to share the holiday with because the Thanksgiving day price per person at this seafood bar is a sky-high $165. However, if you can afford it, you can eat your feelings through deep fried turkey, six different sides and pumpkin pie while drowning your sorrows in an entire bottle of Sonoma County rosé. As an added bonus, this spot is secluded with small tables so it will almost seem natural for you to sit by yourself. Thanksgiving day hours are 1-7pm.

2. Best Place to Drink Alone: Catcher in the Rye (Toluca)

No one is as alone in the world as J.D. Salinger. Bring a copy of the eponymous novel to this literary-themed bar on Thanksgiving and enjoy drinks like "The Gatsby" or "The Hemingway." That way you can feel in good company amongst brooding, alcoholic writers like Fitzgerald and Hemingway, who probably spent most of their lives feeling isolated and misunderstood, not merely on Thanksgiving. The bar is open 5pm-2am.

3. Best Place to Drink with Others: Seven Grand (Downtown)

If you want to, or need to, ring in this holiday with some liquor, Seven Grand is throwing a “Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Eve Party.” There, you can expect to find a Turkey Spiced Cranberry Punch Cocktail for $6 all night. Come one, come all! (Emphasis on the one.) Check the bar's website for times.

4. Best Delivery: Auntie Em’s (Eagle Rock)

Many places offer takeout around Thanksgiving, but only a few true gems will deliver a complete Thanksgiving meal to the door of your spacious, yet empty, bachelor pad, or wherever you plan to spend the day solo. You can assemble a complete customized dinner, choosing between two entrée options, 17 different sides, four different pies and five different cupcakes. Netflix and alone time never tasted so good. See the menu and delivery options here.

5. Best Place to Feel Loved — Café Gratitude (Venice Beach)

One place you can find some warm community friendship on this cold, autumn holiday is at the annual free Thanksgiving dinner at Café Gratitude. The restaurant is vegan, so don’t expect turkey, but what the menu lacks in meat it makes up for with a welcoming atmosphere. You can even volunteer to help with service! It’ll be just like Thanksgiving at home with family, except with strangers. For times, head to their website.

If you're not satisfied with any of these options, take a look at what's open on Thanksgiving day here in Los Angeles.