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5 ways to tell it's Spring in LA

dogs, uggs
Photograph: Courtesy of Dogs just don't quite as trendy in the Spring.

Following another Los Angeles winter completely devoid of the same type of cold, wind, snow and ice friends who live in (um, all) other parts of the country had to endure, we're happy to report that the official spring season has finally arrived in LA. With a climate that's famous for its lack of seasonal change, it can be difficult to discern one season from the next. The following context clues could help you tell when LA's spring has officially sprung.

1. LA dogs have shed their winter coats and Ugg boots (see photo above).

2. Spectators return to the beaches to watch the annual migration of tourists-about-to-get-parking-tickets.

3. Some women have traded wearing yoga pants for buoyant, flower-print dresses draped over their yoga pants. But most women just continue to wear yoga pants.

4. When guys leave the coffee shop, their man top-buns start to come out of hiding from under those knit beanies.

5. Seasonal plants and flowers begin budding and blooming around the discarded mattresses in your neighborhood.

But on a more serious are 7 ways to welcome Spring in LA.