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Horchata cold brew latte at Shreebs
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanHorchata cold brew latte at Shreebs

6 places in LA to drink a fantastic horchata latte

By Erin Kuschner

There are some things that just make sense together. Peanut butter and jelly. IKEA and Swedish meatballs. Horchata and coffee? Sure, why not. The blend has been popping up in coffee shops and restaurants around LA quite a bit lately (though RIP Compañia de Café, which made a great horchata latte before they unfortunately closed), and for those who love the taste of horchata but want to cut the sweetness, it's a tantalizing option. Here are six places that offer a great horchata latte.

Trois Familia (Silver Lake): You can order a regular horchata here, as well as a cold brew, but the best of both worlds comes in the form of a cold brew horchata latte at this Silver Lake brunch spot. 

POT Cafe (Koreatown): The iced horchata latte at the Line Hotel lobby cafe is purely addictive. Using LAMILL coffee, it's the perfect drink to sip on by the Line's rooftop pool.

Tierra Mia (Highland Park, Echo Park, Downtown): Possibly the most well-known horchata latte in LA, Tierra Mia's version is an ideal mix between sweet and bitter, using coffee beans purchased from micro lots that are then roasted on site. Also on the menu: a horchata frappe topped with whipped cream. 

Shreebs (Downtown): The Arts District coffee spot offers a number of unique lattes (think: choco chili latte), but their horchata cold brew latte is tops. The drink uses single origin coffee plus a horchata made with rice, almond, oat, cinnamon and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Gracias Madre (West Hollywood): Take a break from Gracias Madre's luxurious cocktails and try the horchata latte here instead, which uses Stumptown coffee and housemade almond milk horchata. Though if you absolutely need alcohol, the Dude Abides pairs horchata with mezcal.

Café de Leche (Highland Park): This eastside coffee shop has a few interesting lattes, including a horchata con espresso—a smooth blend that also happens to use Stumptown coffee. 

Know of any more places to score a great horchata latte? Give us the scoop in the comments below.

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