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8/24 is officially Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles, and here's how to celebrate

By Stephanie Morino

Of all the national "days" that fill up our calendar, there are few that celebrate modern, living people, let alone sports figures. But on Monday, the Los Angeles City Council decided to change that—at least here in LA—and voted to name August 24 "Kobe Bryant Day." So why Kobe? And why August 24? In case you've been living under a rock (or if basketball just isn't your sport), Kobe retired earlier this year after playing for the Lakers for 20 years—meaning he holds the NBA record for the most seasons played on a single team—and was an NBA All Star all but two of those years. And for any non-Kobe fanatics, the significance of 8/24 is that it's the two jersey numbers he wore throughout his career—8 and 24.

In addition to naming the day after him, the City Council will officially honor Kobe on Wednesday. It's a big week for the former 'baller because today also happens to be his 38th birthday—happy birthday, Kobe! 

So, how can you celebrate Kobe tomorrow? Here are a few of our suggestions.

1. Buy him a car, like the one Snoop Dogg bought him for his retirement.

2. Paint your face in gold and purple and hang out in front of City Hall, where we assume he will be getting honored by the City Council.

3. Go to your local basketball court and play a few games.

4. Cry in bed as you think about the good ol' days and what the Lakers' next season is going to look like. 

Have any other suggestions of how to celebrate Kobe Bryant Day? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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