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8 Los Angeles neighborhoods you've probably never heard of before

© Vincent Laforet - - Los Angeles, CA April 16, 2015
Photograph: Vincent Laforet

Whether you live in LA or are just visiting, it's good to get familiar with the city. Everyone has heard of Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park, but there's more to this city than just those popular, hip neighborhoods. Here's a look at eight neighborhoods you've probably never heard of before—some you may want to visit and others you may want to stay out of for now.

1. Garvanza: Yes, this could easily be mistaken for the new collagen-boosting ingredient in your green smoothie, but it's actually named after the garbanzo beans that flourished here in the 1860s. Bordering Highland Park and Pasadena, you've probably passed through on your way to the Rose Bowl.

2. Porter Ranch: Never mind 90210 when you can live in 91326, an affluent area at the edge of the San Fernando Valley.

3. Westdale: In the no-man's lands of Palms, Mar Vista and the Santa Monica airport, Westdale is equally unremarkable. If you've eaten at the Asian food mecca that is Sawtelle Boulevard, you've certainly parked on the streets here.

4. Victor Heights: This hilly neighborhood next to Echo Park is referred to as the “Forgotten Edge.” In fact, it's so forgotten that Google maps forgot where it is. You've probably gotten stuck in these hills while attempting to avoid traffic after a Dodger Game.

5. Beverly Park: This gated community off Coldwater Canyon and Mulholland Drive is home to the rich and famous. So, unless you are Miley Cyrus, you probably haven't driven through there.

6. Chesterfield Square: This might be a neighborhood to avoid in the future. Despite being located just a bit southwest of the USC campus, it ranks first citywide in the annual number of violent crimes. Yikes.

7. Crestwood Hills: If you're starting a family (and can afford Los Angeles real estate), this is the place to look. It has a Homeowner's Association as well as a park with barbecue pits and basketball courts. Your little kiddos can attend the local pre-school while you rub shoulders with other parents during required community service hours. It borders Brentwood.

8. PicFair Village: PicFair Village is named after the nearby streets of Pico and Fairfax. Oh-so-clever.



Marylou N

I see that this article was posted originally in November, but I'm sure you will want to rethink that entry stating that Porter Ranch is a place with great air quality. 

It's most certainly not that any longer. 

Joey A

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