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9 amusing things you can buy from LA Craigslist for under $60 right now

Written by
Justin Cross

If you're feeling impulsive, in the mood to be mildly entertained or simply in need of a hand-painted tribal mask, please keep reading. The nine items below are almost certainly as unnecessary and impractical as they are great conversational pieces at your upcoming Memorial Day BBQ. 

1. Corona windows. Seriously, who doesn't need a pair of windows with an authentic Corona logo on it? Hang these on the wall, and there's no need to head to the Westside. Stay indoors because you've already found your beach. Asking price: $50

corona doors

2. Student desk. I take back what I said about great conversational pieces. This makes sense if you're homeschooling two kids, and you really want to replicate the comfortable experience of taking a standardized test. Otherwise, owning these will only make you seem like a creep. Asking price: $25

student desk

3. Hand-painted tribal masks. These are awesome. Simply awesome. Asking price: $20

tribal mask


4. A collection of Goosebumps books. Relive your childhood with this collection of R.L. Stine classics. Afterward, I recommend watching an old episode of "Saved by the Bell," while eating a pack of Gushers. Asking price: $15

goosebumps, book


5. Vintage pogo stick. Four words: handle bars with streamers. Asking price: $35

pogo stick


6. Pine log end tables. These are also pretty awesome. Just make sure you don't cut your leg on the stump coming off the side of each of them. Asking price: $50

pine log end tables


7. Candy coin shooter. One question: why is there a salt and pepper holder? Is that standard for a candy coin shooter? Asking price: $55

candy coin shooter

8. 30 years of Randy Newman. You get a boxed set of four CDs and an 80-page book. Both have never been opened. That's a surprise. Asking price: $40

randy newman

9. Toilet. It's kind of like buying underwear from Goodwill. But, it strangely feels more unsanitary. Asking price: Free



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