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A look at the Millennium Falcon ride, cantina and more coming to Star Wars land at Disneyland

Michael Juliano

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens behind us, and Rogue One and Episode VIII still too far ahead of us, we're left pining for more space battles. Thankfully, these new concept images for the Star Wars-themed land coming to Disneyland (and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando) should do the trick.

Though all of the Star Wars attractions announced on last night's "Disneyland 60" special were already detailed during last summer's D23 Expo, we were able to get a closer look at the new Disneyland rides and restaurants.

The Millennium Falcon ride will put guests in control of the Corellian freighter and task them with "steering the vessel through space [and] firing the laser cannons."

Photograph: Courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

A separate attraction will put guests in the middle of a battle between First Order stormtroopers and Resistance Fighters. That could suggest that the entire land will be set during the new The Force Awakens-led trilogy, but it's still not clear from the concept images to say for sure—we'll spare you the lecture on the disparity between stormtrooper helmets.

Elsewhere in the 14-acre land, you'll be able to meet droids and aliens and taste local delicacies at a street market.

Photograph: Courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

Photograph: Courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

Finally, last night's broadcast teased out a few images of two dining locations: an upscale dinner club and a more divey cantina.

There's still no opening date for Star Wars land, though, if this winter's ride closures are any indication, construction is already underway.

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