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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

A tourist is suing Skyslide, alleging she broke an ankle on the ride

Written by
Brittany Martin

The Skyslide on the US Bank Tower Downtown had only been open eight days when Gayle and Morty Yashar, tourists visiting from Woodmere, New York, decided to give it a go. According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today, that ride did not end happily for the couple.

The 57-year-old Gayle alleges that she broke her ankle due to what she claims was negligence on the part of the slide operators, OUE Skyspace LLA and Legends Hospitality LLC, reports an Associated Press story appearing on KFI-AM 640's website.

At the end of the short, tube-like slide, riders land on mats designed to cushion the impact from the dismount. In the complaint, it claims that there was a gap which trapped her feet, leading to the injury. 

“This increased the risk of serious injury for an ankle fracture which was far beyond the risk assumed by the uninformed and unsuspecting riders,” the documents state regarding the potential hazard.

Additionally, the Yashars claim it was their experience that the slide created too much momentum without an adequate way to slow down toward the end of the ride and that they were inadequately warned about what to expect before embarking on the thrill ride. 

The couple are seeking unspecified damages from the Skyslide team, to compensate for Gayle’s injury as well as Morty’s loss of consortium. 

The much-heralded Skyslide is part of Skyspace LA, perched atop the tallest building on the West Coast. The slide itself goes along the outside of the building between floors 70 and 69. A ride lasts only a few seconds before landing on the cushions.

Have you tried the Skyslide? Did you feel there was a hazard beyond what you were expecting? Let us know.

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