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Almost 90% of California's most dangerous intersections are in and around L.A.

Almost 90% of California's most dangerous intersections are in and around L.A.
Image: Courtesy 1point21 Interactive / Estey & Bomberger

Almost 90% of the state's most dangerous intersections are in Southern California, and almost half of the most dangerous traffic intersections fall within the city of Los Angeles, according to a recently-published study, including the single most dangerous intersection of them all.   

Based on their analysis of more than 435,000 crash records from 2015, 1point21 Interactive and the personal injury law firm Estey & Bomberger concluded that the scariest place to drive is the intersection of Devonshire Street and Reseda Boulevard in the Northridge neighborhood. The intersection logged 24 crashes and 41 injuries over the course of a year. Ironically, that spot happens to be just around the corner from a Los Angeles Police Department station.

Their study ranked 444 intersections across California as "dangerous," meaning at least 10 different accidents took place at that location in a year. An average dangerous intersection sees almost 17 injuries every year. Of those, 221 are in L.A. Zoomed out a bit, a whopping 397 of the 444 dangerous intersections are in Southern California.

"It comes as no surprise that Los Angeles led the way in terms of accident volume, injuries and the number of dangerous intersections," Estey & Bomberger stated regarding the findings. "What is surprising, however, is by how much it led the way.”

Other spots to avoid include Imperial Highway and Vista Del Mar, Balboa Boulevard and Nordhoff Street and Lindley Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard, all ranking among the five worst in the state. Take a look below at a map of the findings across our region.




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