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Botox, Bentleys and more are on offer at LA's newest super-luxe apartment building

Brittany Martin

We now have a new standard for knowing we’ve arrived in life thanks to the opening of a new super-luxury apartment building that sits at the border of Century City and Beverly Hills. The amenities on offer include concierges who make sure no one with allergies ever has to live with the fear of sharing an elevator with someone else’s pets, a fleet of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars to shuttle residents to and from and, in true Hollywood style, a wellness center with a doctor on call for those emergency Botox injections. 

Ten Thousand, as the building is called, contains 283 units in 40 story-building, according to Bloombergwith rents running a cool $8,500 to $25,000 each month. Which, in case you were wondering, yes, is still pretty high even by the rising standards of LA’s typical rent prices.

“There’s a bit of an amenities arms race, where each building wants to have the latest, greatest and newest features to outdo each other,” economist and real estate expert Krishna Rao told Bloomberg.

For the typical Ten Thousand tenant, time is money. Lots and lots of money. Having to wait in traffic to get to a doctor’s office for a Botox reup is just too much hassle. As, apparently, are such mundane things as walking one’s own dog, making one’s own coffee or remembering one’s child’s birthday—all things the building’s staff can cover.

The target market here is, essentially, folks who want an experience on par with a luxury hotel but without the bother of unpacking suitcases. When you think of it that way, the rent is practically a bargain; $25,000 will only get you about 25 nights at the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel, so by renting at Ten Thousand you’re getting those five extra days for free. What a deal!

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