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Dine on bugs—and wine—at the insect-driven Scary Delicious event

Written by
Erin Kuschner

Before you get squeamish about worms in your food, know this: plenty of people around the world incorporate bugs into their meals. Even in L.A., cricket-garnished cocktails have been popping up with more frequency on bar menus. Protein, guys, protein.

Aly Moore knows all this. She's the founder of Bugible, a blog dedicated to educating people about the benefits of eating bugs, and she wants to take you on a journey of crickets, mealworms, scorpions and ants, all paired with six boutique wines curated by Michael Consbruck at V Wine Room. Scary Delicious takes place on October 23 at 4pm and October 26 at 8pm—both at the wine room in West Hollywood—and is a chance to expose adventurous diners to a brand (and brave?) new world. Early bird tickets cost $55 (which ends on October 3), while regular tickets cost $60; a portion of the proceeds will go toward Little Herds, a nonprofit organization that educates people about the benefits of edible bugs. 

“We’re excited to challenge the way people think about their food,” says Consbruck. “Top chefs all over the world are making use of the diverse flavors of insects, and we hope to showcase some of those flavors to L.A. at the tasting.” 

Moore has hosted a few bug dinners in the past, but is hoping to gain some steam with those who are interested in eating bugs for the first time. And with the promise of great wine accompanying the little critters, there's guaranteed to be at least a few people who walk away with a newfound love of edible bugs. 

Will you be attending one of the Scary Delicious bug and wine pairings? Let us know in the comments below!

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