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Dinner in the Sky, coming to LA in July, dangles diners 15 stories in the air

Dinner in the Sky
Photograph: Courtesy Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky

File this one under "Where's the barf bag?".

Dinner in the Sky, an aerial dining experience that takes place 150 feet above ground level, launched in Belgium in 2006 before swiftly bringing its gravity-defying dinners to cities around the world (Rome, Athens, Kuala Lumpur and Cape Town, to name a few). On July 1, Dinner in the Sky is making its LA debut and will continue hoisting ballsy diners via crane from the comfort of LA Center Studios in Downtown LA throughout July. Once in the air, a small staff will serve a four-course meal with a view, cooked up by chef Keven Lee (the Hollywood-based chef currently owns a private events company called My World on a Plate). 

The actual elevated contraption looks like some kind of inverted roller coaster ride, with diners strapped into bucket seats and a waitstaff securely fastened with harnesses. Still, after hearing about this arguably insane endeavor, a couple crucial questions were raised in our office:

What if you have to pee?

What if you have to puke? 

What if you drop your fork?

What if you get drunk and start a fight with your dining partner? There is literally nowhere to cool off.

If none of the above fazes you, maybe the pricetag will: the whole experience starts off at $399, which is enough to make most of us throw up in our mouths a little (or maybe that's just our fear of heights?). Reservations can be made starting on June 3; for more information, head to Dinner in the Sky's website. In the meantime, here's a little teaser to whet your appetite. But seriously, where's the barf bag?




THIS IS A TOTAL CHARADE. They charged my card in full immediately. They rescheduled our dinner (in a very inconvenient nonsense way that cost us $ and inconvenience to reschedule our lives since we still wanted to have the experience) for 7/31, and they have yet to let us know that the entire LA experience has been canceled and has currently shifted to Long Beach for mid-August. They have had my $ for two months. No refund and no communication. SCAM

Christine L

@E P This same thing happened to me... Have you been able to find a phone number for this company. I'm over going back and forth via email with them.

Amelia B


Got email today that our upcoming Saturday event was canceled and that was it. No other information was provided as to the reason of cancellation. I researched online and discovered that the event is still on for this Saturday 7/23 but at an earlier time slot and is $100 more. We are so disappointed with this, as we have bought air tickets already just to attend this event and apparently they know about the cancellation very early on but didn't notify you until couple days before so you cannot make changes.

Erick R

This looks amazing!! Sign me up.

Jamie G

This is on My Bucket list

Lyn F

I did this in Zagreb, Croatia, a few years ago. One of my best-ever experiences. The price was significantly less than the $399 being quoted for Los Angeles.  Food and service were excellent and the views were to die for! 

David L

@Lyn F It's more expensive for permits and logistics in Los Angeles


Here for it.

David L

@L B come to opening night!