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Photograph: Mallory Turner

Heard on the street: Made In America

Written by
Amanda Montell

We heard a lot of amazing things over the weekend at Made In America, not all of which was music. Here are the little nuggets of intelligence and hilarity we overheard in the crowds.

(P.S. See our photos and recaps of Made In America here.)

—"I'm glad I didn't bring my mom after all. She loves Kendrick Lamar and everything, but it is too hot out here."

—"Pretty sure that cop is taking a selfie."

—[In enormous line for beer] "This is like Coachella all over again." "Um, not even close."

—"There's grass on your back."
   "Like weed?"
   "No, like grass from the ground."

—[Right after a catfight broke out during Iggy Azalea's set] "Did you see the Asian chick throwing punches? That guy was totally grabbing her ass the whole time."

—"Mayor Garcetti has been loving this, getting to hang out with Jay Z and shit."

—[After someone smoking a cigarette walked by] "It's crazy how pretty much nobody smokes anymore. That girl is like, behind."

—"Everybody's got beers, but I think there might be margaritas somewhere. I hope there are margaritas somewhere."

—"I forgot that we like, took the train here. That's so weird. But also rad."

—"So I guess my dinner was 32 ounces of Budweiser and a churro."

—"Like all my fake gold tribal tattoos?"

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