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Falafel at Dune
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanFalafel at Dune

Here's what you should eat at FYF this weekend

Written by
Erin Kuschner

When did music festivals become food festivals, too? At Coachella this year, the food game was on point, with restaurants like Ramen Champ, The Church Key800 Degrees and other brick-and-mortar spots morphing into gourmet trucks. FYF seems to have taken the hint. This weeken's food lineup is a great mix of well known favorites and neighborhood newcomers; add to that the four beer gardens pouring suds from LA breweries, and you've got yourself a musical feast. To cut down on arguing over where to eat—hey, you already have set conflicts to think about—we've rounded up the best vendors to visit at the fest this weekend.

Dune: This Atwater Village newbie makes some of the best falafel in town, so if you haven't been able to hit up their storefront yet, get in line for their coveted fried chickpea balls.

Afters: Will you enjoy waiting 20 minutes for their delicious Milky Bun stuffed with ice cream? Probably not. But will it be worth it? Hell to the yeah.

Status Kuo: On the menu: Taiwanese hot wings. You'll probably want to cool off in one of the beer tents after.

Pure Luck: This cult favorite closed in 2011, but it's making a comeback at FYF, when you can stand in line for their jackfruit tacos. Also: Does this mean they're opening a new store??

Donut Friend: We love Donut Friend to the moon and back, so stopping to pick up their S'Morrissey donut is a must this weekend. It's a chocolate glazed donut stuffed with marshmallows and covered with a chocolate glaze—need we say more?

Okonomi Dog: The vendor will be selling their Godzilla Dog, an American hot dog topped with Japanese fixings like seaweed strips. 

Canter's Deli: When the sun goes down and it starts getting chilly, a bowl of matzoh ball soup from the Canter's truck might give you enough energy to get ready for Purity Ring's midnight set.

For full coverage of FYF 2015, check out our festival page.

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