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I have this friend Laura (32, straight)

I have this friend Laura (32, straight)
Think you and Laura might hit it off? Shoot her an email at and let the sparks fly.

Single readers, you're in luck. Each week, Time Out will feature one of our very own smart, sexy, eligible buddies for your potential dating pleasure. No crazies, no creeps, no pressure. Enjoy!

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Laura was recommended by her friend Linda: "I have this friend, Laura. She's a whip-smart designer at LACMA and one of my dearest friends. She's a fine personality, an adept dresser and has a keen eye to call out bullshit. Laura possesses an incredible ability to mesh the mess of visual culture—advertisements, stickers, magazines, TMZ, Buzzfeed—into narratives that reflect and comment on what's happening today. She loves good food and conversation and is game to boogie or chill. And, finally, we have this thing between us that we call 'not fucking up'—it is the ultimate barometer in determining who is a solid person and who is flaky. We're looking for someone who doesn't fuck up."

Here's Laura, in her own words:

What’s at the top of your LA bucket list? An LA Kings game, Santa Anita Racetrack, Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Pavilion, Watts Towers… there’s also a lot of food I need to try.

What LA stereotype do you kind of live up to? The "creative class" of New Yorker who’s made a home out West.

What's your favorite neighborhood in LA? I have a new commute that has been taking me through Hancock Park, which I’m really loving. I think it fulfills my urban youth fantasies of suburbia. I’ve been here seven years and I still feel like I don’t know this city at all, I’m constantly discovering new exciting pockets.

Beach, mountains or desert? I’m a lifelong skier, but I’ve never given the mountains around here a shot. Maybe I should add that to my LA bucket list. I love the ocean and the beach, but the desert is really magical and I wish got out there more.

FYF, Burning Man or the LA Phil? The LA Phil. I love having a reason to get dressed up.

Dive bar, cocktail bar or juice bar? I’m going to say a divey cocktail bar, they exist.

What fictional LA character would you most like to spend the day with? Harris K. Telemacher, Steve Martin’s LA Story character.

What's your ideal first date spot and why? Mini golf at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks. It’s light and fun, you get to move around and be playful, and hopefully it’s way less intimidating than sitting across from a stranger in a dimly lit bar.

Think you and Laura might hit it off? Shoot her an email at (include a photo!) and let the sparks fly.

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